Arrival and accommodation


Turku is easy to reach from all parts of Finland. It only takes a couple of hours to travel to Turku from Tampere or Helsinki by bus or train, and the same amount of time from Oulu by plane.

If you come with your own boat or on a cruise ship travelling from Stockholm, you can also enjoy the most beautiful archipelago in the world on the way, located off the coast of Turku. The passenger ships travelling to Turku are ferries that can carry hundreds of cars, so you can also bring your car with you.

The best way to get to Turku from further afield in Europe is to travel through Stockholm (a flight from Stockholm to Turku takes less than an hour, while a ship travels the distance in one day or night). You can take a direct flight to Turku from Riga and Gdańsk, among other places.

From Russia, you can get to Turku easily by car, following the E18 highway, or by train via Helsinki.

Turku also has its own comprehensive public transport services within the city.

Arriving on your own boat?

The Aura River will remain closed to normal water traffic for the duration of the event. The only exceptions are commercial charter transports, berth holders and parties who have been issued special permission.

Turku’s guest harbour, which is located on the Aura River, will be closed to private boats. Visitors arriving by boat are advised to look into available guest berths in nearby harbours.

Turku Yacht Club in Ruissalo:
Reservations: +358 (0)443762655
price: EUR 20/night (information from 2017)
Services included in the price: WC, electricity, water, vacuum emptying of waste, sauna/shower, waste management
Optional services: fuel, restaurant
Transportation to the city: bus/taxi
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Ruissalo Boatyard:
Reservations: +358 (0)400330413 or
Price: EUR 40/50/60 per night, depending on the berth (information from 2017)
Services included in the price: WC, water, waste collection point
Optional services: restaurant, café, waste collection point
Transportation to the city: Föli ferry, Tom ferry, bus and taxi
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Where can you stay in Turku? We have hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast establishments, camping sites and many wonderful spas.