Turku offers the public many alternatives to familiarise themselves with The Tall Ships Races event.

Mobile apps provide current information on the programme and performers and detailed information on the vessels. The latest news, photos and videos can be found on the Facebook page of the event.

The schedule of the Tall Ships Races event along with descriptions have been uploaded into the Eventmore mobile application which allows both the public and the sailors to see what is happening, where and when. The map helps to see the entire vast event area and the performers. By using the application, it is possible to learn about the artists and the search by category helps everyone to find the performances they are interested in. The Tall Ships Races channel can be uploaded free of charge here: www.eventmore.io/app/tallshipsturku/

The Eventmore service will be used also during Europe’s largest folklore festival Europeade at the end of July.

Information on the vessels on your own phone

Physical Web Tis available in the Tall Ships Races area. The service is produced by Globeon Oy Ltd. Transmitters that have been temporarily placed in the vessels provide exact data of the vessel to those in the nearby area. A beacon (one-way Bluetooth transmitter) sends a URL link that is automatically recognised by smartphones. Using the service does not require uploading a separate application or logging in. The range of the transmitters varies from a few metres to 70 metres depending on the operational environment.

The Physical Web can be used with Android and iOS mobile devices, when Bluetooth is turned on.

The City of Turku is a pioneer in using similar digital technology. In Turku, beacons can already be found in several buildings owned by the city (for instance, Turku City Hall, libraries and sports facilities) and almost all buses (170 in total). Further information: http://dpl.fi/tsr.

Messages from the sea

The Tall Ships Races is very visible also on Facebook. The event already has 15 000 followers and the number is growing. The web pages are available in several languages. The social media hashtag for the event in Turku is #tallshipsturku. The entire Tall Ships Races can also be followed on the account @TallShipsRaces and with the hashtag #TSR2017

Before the vessels arrive in Turku, young sailors will be conveying their views along the journey. Many vessels have young people on board who describe the journey through photos, videos and blog posts. During the event, their messages are spread also via the communication channels of the City of Turku: