Shabab Oman II is a stately, 85-metre long full-rigged ship, which has sailed the seas since 2014.

 Eastern exoticism will be featured in the Tall Ships Races event held in Turku this summer, as the pride of the Royal Navy of Oman, Shabab Oman II, will be arriving in the Aura River. The ship was designed in the Netherlands and built in Romania in 2013. The Royal Navy of Oman adopted the ship for official use in 2014. The stately Shabab Oman II is 87 metres in length and has a crew of 90 people. Shabab Oman II replaced the Royal Navy of Oman’s previous training ship, Shabab Oman. Another ship that has announced its intention to come to Turku is the full-rigged Russian Mir. With its overall length of 109 metres, the ship is the second largest sailing ship in the world that is still in operation. It was built in Gdańsk, Poland, in 1987. Mir has visited Turku several times in the past. The Tall Ships Races in Turku is promising to become a very impressive event, as so far a total of 72 ships have already announced that they will be coming to Turku. Of these, 14 are large Class A vessels. The number of vessels will continue to grow over the course of the winter and spring.