Christiania was built in 1895 by Carl Arnold at the Christiania shipyard.

Christiania was named after Norway’s capital (later renamed Oslo). The ship was stationed in northernmost Norway, and served as a rescue ship for almost four decades. After retiring from the rescue service in 1932, she was converted to carry cargo, but in the 60s was returned as a gaff-rigged sailing boat. 

Tori and Carl Emil Petersen assumed responsibility of Christiania in 1977. Soon they had carried out a complete restoration of the boat. Christiania attended many Tall Ships Races, but in 1997, on the way to London, she sank in the North Sea. Nine months later she was raised by the ship Seaway Kingfisher, and continues to sail around the world to this day. 

Class: B

Home port: Norway

Year built: 1895

Rig: Gaff Ketch

Length of hull: 13,95 m

Height: 12,10 m